Autocomplete. Clipboard. Gaming.

Introducing the world's first intelligent keyboard.

With a built-in OLED touchscreen and per-key RGB constantly working to assist you with writing, coding and gaming.

All without compromising on the mechanical aspect you love.

Stop scanning your keyboard to find the right key. Bored points it out for you by lighting up the next possible keys. RGB is now more than just aesthetics.

Never miss another beat with Bored.


Type faster, not harder

With Autocomplete, Bored is constantly giving you up to 3 autocomplete suggestions to fill in the blanks; be it writing a novel or coding an algorithm

Just tap on it.


Hands weary from constantly switching tabs to copy paste snippets of information?

Just press CTRL and access Bored's clipboard to copy and paste multiple snippets in one go.

Isn't that just convenient?

Gaming mode

Can't see enemies creeping up on you?

Bored can.

Gaming mode turns Bored into an extra sensory input device by listening in on your game audio.

Can your RGB game?

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